Mar 23, 06:10 AM: FlickrBackup v1.0.2 Released!

Back around the beginning of March, Flickr changed the way that URLs are built to include the server number of the farm that a photo is coming from. They said that they would always honor the old URLs, and I took this to mean that FlickrBackup didn’t have a pressing need to be updated. Turns out, Flickr really meant that they would honor the old URLs for old photos. Any new photos would only be accessible via the new URL scheme. Therefore, when you tried to download a photo with FlickrBackup, all you got was a place holder image that said “Photo currently unavailable.”

FlickrBackup v1.0.2 resolves this issue and can now be downloaded from the Sourceforge page as usual. I’d like to thank the new developers over at flickrj for fixing the issue in there so the update was minor on my side. I also like to note the this version now writes a log file to the (which on Windows should be in your HomeDir\Local Settings\Temp and *nix (including OS X) will be either /var/tmp or /tmp). The log file is called FlickrBackup.log. This should help when users notice a problem with FlickrBackup so they can send me the log.

One more note I would like to add is that the next version will very likely be a Java WebStart version only. I would like to get away from having to maintain 3 different releases, and also worry about users not having the latest and greatest version of FlickrBackup. So keep your eye out for that one.

Thanks to everyone who have help and supported FlickrBackup up to this point. I know that I have been slow in doing development on this project lately, but life gets hectic sometimes. Thanks again for all your kind words.