4701 days ago: Tumblr Calendar

It’s been a while since you’ve seen anything new here on sunkencity, but today I’m proud to announce the release of a small javascript project I’ve been working on called Tumblr Calendar. This project was written to fill a specific need. I wanted a way to view all the photos I was posting for my Project 365 (A Photo a Day for a Year) on a calendar. I was using tumblr for my Project 365, so I started looking around for a simple calendar that would let me accomplish this. Well, I didn’t find one, so I decided to make my own! I started this project back in January 2011 in my free time. Funny thing about free time, there isn’t much of it. I made a little progress and then it sat for a while. I got reenergized by people showing interest in the project by posting on my blog so I was about to start working on it again, then tumblr launched their new (v2) API. I got a bit discouraged by having to rework things for the new API, but I finally had a day of down time and did it. I have the project to a point now to where I wanted to share it with others, so I decided what better way than to open source it and throw it up on github? I hope the project will take on a new life. I likely won’t have a ton of time to do much further development, so I encourage all you other developers out there to have at it!

Important Info

One other piece of exciting new is that I decided to create a sunkencitysoftware organization on github as well. Any opensource code released by sunkencity will likely now go into a repository under this organization.

5354 days ago: FlickrEdit 1.1.2 Released

We are happy to announce the release of FlickrEdit v1.1.2. This new version brings bug fixes as well as some new enhancements. Here are the release notes:

FlickrEdit 1.1.2

  • Fix: Photo edit dialog doesn’t set initial privacy setting properly
  • Enhancement: Add Set as primary to photo popup menu
  • Enhancement: Support drop files/photos and directories in local tab
  • Enhancement: When new set is created it uses small “loading” photo as initial set photo, then the loading photo is deleted and replaced with first set photo when upload is done
  • Enhancement: Improved upload and download/backup performance
  • Fix: Fixed IPTC data handling on download
  • Enhancement: IPTC Imagero library might be disabled in System Preference
  • Fix: Fixed photo privacy settings
  • Enhancement: Add timeout thread to upload/download threads 10min, to prevent hanging upload/download
  • Fix: Backup dialog doesn’t remember last directory used for backup
  • Fix: [BUG-9782] – png image present in sets is making flickr edit fails the backup

If you are using the recommended Java WebStart version (by pressing the launch button on the FlickrEdit page), then you will get the new version the next time you launch the application. If you are not using the WebStart, you can download the standalone versions from the product page.

5369 days ago: Flickr Launches the App Garden

Flickr today launched a new part of their Services site called the App Garden where developers can list their apps for other to find. We have listed both FlickrEdit and FlickrBackup there for easy reference. If you like FlickrEdit, please go add it as a Fav in the App Garden! You can find the FlickrEdit page here.

5515 days ago: Sorry for the downtime!

I just wanted to apologize for the downtime we’ve had here at sunkencity! I made a change to my DNS servers a little while ago and could have sworn things were working afterward, but seems I was wrong and the site has been dead since then. I want to give a big thanks to [Mike Patterson|http://www.flickr.com/photos/mikepatterson/] for sending me a message on Flickr letting me know of the issue! I don’t often check on sunkencity.org, so when things go bad, it takes me a little while to figure out. So thanks again to Mike and to all of you users out there!

5623 days ago: FlickrEdit featured on MAKE!

We noticed today that FlickrEdit showed up in a post on the MAKE blog toady about how to backup your photos from Flickr. According to Google Analytics, traffic to the site today more than doubled! Remember FlickrEdit allows you to not only backup your photos, but also, upload, edit, and view your photos right in the application. Thanks to everyone who spreads the word about FlickrEdit. Word of mouth is the only advertising we get, so spread the word!

5713 days ago: Announcing FlickrEdit 1.1.1

Thanks to our users, a problem was discovered with FlickrEdit that was causing users to not be able to download Sets from Flickr. We have just released an update to fix the problem. The new version will require that you re-authorize FlickrEdit to have access to your Flickr account when you first launch it. Once you have done so, you should be good to go to download your photos again!

If you are using the recommended Java WebStart version (by pressing the launch button on the FlickrEdit page), then you will get the new version the next time you launch the application. If you are not using the WebStart, you can download the standalone versions from the product page.

5987 days ago: Announcing FlickrEdit 1.1

We are please to announce the availability of a new version of FlickrEdit, v1.1. FlickrEdit has now fully replaced FlickrBackup. All links to download and launch FlickrBackup will now launch FlickrEdit. Version 1.1 brings the following new features and updates:
New Features:

  • Backup Title, Description, Tags, and Copyright and store them into the IPTC header of the images. This has been the #1 requested feature since FlickrBackup was first launched. After the photo backup completes, you can open your images in an application like Photoshop/iPhoto to view the backed up data. iPhoto with automatically import your tags as keywords even.
  • Allow editing local photo info before upload (similar to new Flickr Uploadr)
  • Add support for Flickr RSS feeds
  • Add basic html editing toolbar to comments editor
  • Add support for mark photos as favorites (only photos you do not own (Flickr limitation))

Updates and Fixes:

  • Redesigned preferences dialog
  • Enable editing local photos when offline
  • Add “justFriends” flag for Favorites to Preferences
  • Enable editing or commenting multiple photos or sets by scrolling through selected photos or sets in the dialog
  • Add support for setting log level from Preferences
  • Preparation for all text to be localized

We are very excited to get this new version out to the community as it has many features that you all have been asking for! We appreciate all our users and thank all those who have helped spread the word. Please continue to spread the word about FlickrEdit though your blogs, forums, emails, and websites!

If you are using the recommended Java WebStart version (by pressing the launch button on the FlickrEdit page), then you will get the new version the next time you launch the application. If you are not using the WebStart, you can download the standalone versions from the product page.

6040 days ago: Happy New Year from Sunkencity Software!

Another year has come and gone and what a year it was. 2007 was a quiet year here at Sunkencity until the last few months when we released a new application FlickrEdit. We have had great feedback from the users and are excited at the number of users using FlickrEdit. The transition from FlickrBackup to FlickrEdit has been slower than we had hoped, but people are catching on. Here are a few statistics for you all to see just how excited we are!

FlickrBackup/FlickrEdit Combined

  • Number of authenticated users: 11,513
  • Total calls in the last hour: 4,534
  • Max Number of API calls in one week over the last year: 461,937
  • Average Queries Per Second in the last year: 0.76

So you can see why we are excited and so thankful for all our users!

We have some exciting things in store over the next few months for FlickrEdit including one of the most requested features: Backing up Title, Description, Tags, etc with the Photo! We will try to start giving more updates and teasers over the next year, so keep watching the blog!

We hope you all had a wonderful Holiday season and have an even better New Year!

Sunkencity Software

6080 days ago: Sunkencity Software Accounces FlickrEdit!

Sunkencity Software would like to announce the 1.0 release of a new application called FlickrEdit! FlickrEdit is an extension of FlickrBackup and from this point replaces FlickrBackup as your one stop application to pull your Photos back from Flickr.

FlickrBackup continued to grow in scope so much so, that we found needs to be able to upload, comment and edit photos directly from FlickrBackup. Because we have expanded the application to support these new features, we decided that the name didn’t fit anymore and we now have FlickrEdit.

FlickrEdit would not have been possible without the help of a new developer, Lubos Pochman. He found a need to extend FlickrBackup and gave a breath of new live into the application. Many thanks to him for his help!

One major new feature of FlickrEdit is that we are trying to do away with supporting separate installers for multiple platforms and are now deploying the application using Java Web Start. Java WebStart will give us the ability to update FlickrEdit and ensure that our users (that’s YOU!) get the updates every time you launch the application!

There are so many new features in FlickrEdit, it is best to read the product page, or better yet, just go Launch it!

Thanks again to everyone for being supportive and patient with us over time. We appreciate all our users and hope this will be a welcome step forward for all!

6089 days ago: An Exciting Day is Coming!

Keep your eye out here for an exciting announcement within the next couple of days! New releases are coming from sunkencity software!