FlickrBackup - A Java Download Utility for Flickr

NOTE: FlickrBackup has been replaced by FlickrEdit

FlickrBackup is a utility that allows you to download the pictures you have uploaded to Flickr back down to your computer for personal backup or restore.

FlickrBackup is an Open Source project that is hosted on Feel free to check out our project page. On the project page, you can submit and review bug reports, request features for future releases and much more.

Screenshots of FlickrBackup
FlickrBackup All Photos ViewAn example of the main view in FlickrBackup. This is the view of the All Photos. Notice the new paged view when you have many photos.
FlickrBackup Download DialogThe Download Dialog where you choose where to download your photos to, compression, etc.

FlickrBackup Download ProgressWhile download, this is the progress view for each photos and the entire set/photos(s).
FlickrBackup PreferencesThe FlickrBackup preferences.

FlickrBackup Set BrowserThe Set Browser allows you to load the photos from a single set. Double clicking on a set in the All Sets view will load the set into this view.
FlickrBackup EXIF ViewerView your Photos EXIF data right from FlickrBackup!

FlickrBackup Photo ViewerView Photos right from FlickrBackup!
FlickrBackup Photo OptionsThe Contextual Menu on Photos now allows you to view photos, browse photos on flickr, and view their EXIF data.