Nov 19, 03:04 PM: FlickrEdit 1.1.2 Released

We are happy to announce the release of FlickrEdit v1.1.2. This new version brings bug fixes as well as some new enhancements. Here are the release notes:

FlickrEdit 1.1.2

  • Fix: Photo edit dialog doesn’t set initial privacy setting properly
  • Enhancement: Add Set as primary to photo popup menu
  • Enhancement: Support drop files/photos and directories in local tab
  • Enhancement: When new set is created it uses small “loading” photo as initial set photo, then the loading photo is deleted and replaced with first set photo when upload is done
  • Enhancement: Improved upload and download/backup performance
  • Fix: Fixed IPTC data handling on download
  • Enhancement: IPTC Imagero library might be disabled in System Preference
  • Fix: Fixed photo privacy settings
  • Enhancement: Add timeout thread to upload/download threads 10min, to prevent hanging upload/download
  • Fix: Backup dialog doesn’t remember last directory used for backup
  • Fix: [BUG-9782] – png image present in sets is making flickr edit fails the backup

If you are using the recommended Java WebStart version (by pressing the launch button on the FlickrEdit page), then you will get the new version the next time you launch the application. If you are not using the WebStart, you can download the standalone versions from the product page.