Feb 25, 04:02 PM: Announcing FlickrEdit 1.1

We are please to announce the availability of a new version of FlickrEdit, v1.1. FlickrEdit has now fully replaced FlickrBackup. All links to download and launch FlickrBackup will now launch FlickrEdit. Version 1.1 brings the following new features and updates:
New Features:

  • Backup Title, Description, Tags, and Copyright and store them into the IPTC header of the images. This has been the #1 requested feature since FlickrBackup was first launched. After the photo backup completes, you can open your images in an application like Photoshop/iPhoto to view the backed up data. iPhoto with automatically import your tags as keywords even.
  • Allow editing local photo info before upload (similar to new Flickr Uploadr)
  • Add support for Flickr RSS feeds
  • Add basic html editing toolbar to comments editor
  • Add support for mark photos as favorites (only photos you do not own (Flickr limitation))

Updates and Fixes:

  • Redesigned preferences dialog
  • Enable editing local photos when offline
  • Add “justFriends” flag for Favorites to Preferences
  • Enable editing or commenting multiple photos or sets by scrolling through selected photos or sets in the dialog
  • Add support for setting log level from Preferences
  • Preparation for all text to be localized

We are very excited to get this new version out to the community as it has many features that you all have been asking for! We appreciate all our users and thank all those who have helped spread the word. Please continue to spread the word about FlickrEdit though your blogs, forums, emails, and websites!

If you are using the recommended Java WebStart version (by pressing the launch button on the FlickrEdit page), then you will get the new version the next time you launch the application. If you are not using the WebStart, you can download the standalone versions from the product page.