Nov 24, 04:13 AM: Sunkencity Software Accounces FlickrEdit!

Sunkencity Software would like to announce the 1.0 release of a new application called FlickrEdit! FlickrEdit is an extension of FlickrBackup and from this point replaces FlickrBackup as your one stop application to pull your Photos back from Flickr.

FlickrBackup continued to grow in scope so much so, that we found needs to be able to upload, comment and edit photos directly from FlickrBackup. Because we have expanded the application to support these new features, we decided that the name didn’t fit anymore and we now have FlickrEdit.

FlickrEdit would not have been possible without the help of a new developer, Lubos Pochman. He found a need to extend FlickrBackup and gave a breath of new live into the application. Many thanks to him for his help!

One major new feature of FlickrEdit is that we are trying to do away with supporting separate installers for multiple platforms and are now deploying the application using Java Web Start. Java WebStart will give us the ability to update FlickrEdit and ensure that our users (that’s YOU!) get the updates every time you launch the application!

There are so many new features in FlickrEdit, it is best to read the product page, or better yet, just go Launch it!

Thanks again to everyone for being supportive and patient with us over time. We appreciate all our users and hope this will be a welcome step forward for all!

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